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In this page it's possible to find all Enerscapes partner' presentations and videos of the Final International Conference, held in Malta in May 24th 2013.


Malta Intelligent Energy Management Agency
Enerscapes: Territory, Landscape and Renewable Energy

MIEMA preview - Video

 Project Officer JTS MED
The MED programme and its capitalisation strategy

PO JTS_MED_preview

- Video

Abertax® Technologies Ltd. & EUROBAT
The Potential of Energy Storage for Renewable applications in Malta

Abertx& preview

- Video

Cyprus Energy Agency
Project Outcomes & Capitalization Opportunities: The Cyprus Case Study

CEA preview

- Video

Lazio Region
Tuscia romana & Agro pontino: Capitalisation of Enerscapes project

Lazio preview

- Video

Regional ministry of environment and territorial planning of Andalusia
Enerscapes' experience

Andalusia preview

- Video

University of Malta
Mapping the Future: The ERDF156 3D Data for new Analysis

UniMalta preview

University of Malta
The Myths of Photovoltaics

UniMalta2 preview

- Video

Rhonalpenergie Environment
Project Outcomes & Capitalization Opportunities

RAE preview

- Video

Province of Vercelli
Capitalisation of Enerscapes project
Vercelli preview

- Video

Region of Thessaly
The Enerscapes Project Outcomes & Capitalization Opportunities in the Region of Thessaly

Thessaly preview

- Video

Dr. Ing. Daniel Micallef
Offshore wind energy research and innovation
Micallef preview

ELIH-Med & MARIE Common capitalisation
Synergies in energy efficiency and EU programs 2014-2020

- Video 1 - Video 2


rgy Agency CEA
Rhonalpenergie Environment RAEE
University of Maribor UniMaribor
Consejería de Medio Ambiente Andalucia