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Capitalisation of Enerscapes project is highly context-based: in the final meeting, partners discussed each other the opportunities related to Enerscapes project in its own pilot-area. Local Action Plans will be integrated in local and regional planning activities, together with territorial analysis and scenario assessment.

During the project, partners elaborated a GIS on RES and landscape values, that will be updated in order to support planning activities at local level. For example, in Andalucia the results of territorial analysis will be included in the open access SSIAL (System of shared information on andalusian landscape) and into the Environmental Information Network of Andalusia (REDIAM).

In perspective, the GIS system can be extended at regional, national and also at EU level, creating an integrated database able to monitor landscape changes related to RES development.

Moreover, the results of participative activities will last after the end of the project and they will reinforce the acitivities of local governance. The Province of Vercelli and the University of Maribor cooperated with the regional level regarding landscape planning, also in the view of the next phase of Regional Development Programme, 2014-2020. Municipality of Almyros and the Region of Thessaly established contacts with the National Landscape Committee.

In French pilot-areas, during Enerscapes project several groups of people were involved, and the awareness regarding the possibility to take part in energy and landscape planning will support other participative planning initiatives in the future.

Enerscapes methodology can also be easily integrated in the Covenant of Mayors, the mainstream European movement involving EU local authorities for energy sustainability, as activated by CEA in Cyprus.

Moreover, MIEMA and CEA will capitalise Enerscapes project mainly through the MED Capitalisation Project MER - Governance and Marketing for Industrial Areas, aiming to make green marketing a tool for integrated governance of industrial areas. The overall objective is to improve the competitiveness and attractiveness of the  MED area according to Europe 2020 targets for a sustainable growth.