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The Cyprus Presidency of the EU Council together with the Transnational Cooperation Programme MED and the Neighborhood Cross-border Cooperation Programme in the Mediterranean Sea Basin ENPI MED hold their first joint conference in Cyprus on October 24th and 25th 2012. Under this joint conference a scheduled study visit was held to the pilot area of the Enerscapes project, the community of Agia Anna and more specifically to the Wind Park-Rokas Aeoliki Ltd. The methodology that was developed in the Enerscapes project in order to reduce possible impacts in the landscape of the area was explained by the Cypriot partners of the project – Cyprus Energy Agency.

It's possible to view the agenda of the conference here.

To find more details about the conference please visit:

CEA MED-ENPIConference

The Wind Park-Rokas Aeoliki Ltd.