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Home Articles IEPEC @ Rome on 12th, 13th, 14h of June 2012

One of our partners CEA (Cyprus Energy Agency) took part to the last IEPEC (International Energy Program Evaluation Conference) that was held on 12-14/6/2012, in Rome. The poster that was presented in the conference focuses in documenting and accessing the processes and the governmental departments and authorities involved in licensing, financing and installing of a PV park 100 - 150 kW on the ground. The overall procedure has been divided in six distinct process, each one involving numerous and complicated sub-procedures. It is the first time that a simple flow-chart has been designed that will enable investors to follow the various steps that need to be taken for a successful completed RES project in Cyprus. This work summarizes the contribution of the Cyprus Energy Agency and the Cyprus University of Technology to the "Regulatory Frameworks related with Territorial, Landscape and Energy Planning" in the regions participate in the ENERSCAPES project in which the Cyprus Energy Agency is a partner.

 Below you can find two pdf documents and a picture about it.




Poster of the work