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Home Articles Enerscapes Meeting, 27th & 28th June 2011, Larnaca, Cyprus

Cyprus Energy Agency hosted the 2nd Enerscapes Meeting in Larnaca, Cyprus. After the meeting, partners were involved in a local workshop concerning the issues of Enerscapes’ project, involving representatives of Cyprus Town Planning and Housing Department and local associations involved in landscape protection.

During the meeting, partners shared results regarding the first part of the project: analysis of legal framework, characters of the pilot project areas and good practices. They also established a common methodology in order to realise the local action plan, which will be the focus of the second part of the project. The methodology includes:

  • SWOT analysis regarding RES and landscape issues in the pilot project areas;
  • implementation of a local geodatabase;
  • definition of territorial goals of the local action plan;
  • definition of a communication plan, in order to realise activities of negotiation, participation and awareness campaigns;
  • scenarios building;
  • environmental and landscape assessment;
  • monitoring through indicators, which will be set up according to local peculiarities and taking into account data availability.

This phase, launched in Cyprus, will last until May 2012 for the local action plan definition; then, the project will go on focusing upon citizens’ involvement, monitoring, and defining guidelines for a better integration of RES in Mediterranean landscapes.