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Home Articles Enerscapes Kick Off Meeting,1st & 2nd July 2010, Malta

MIEMA as Enerscapes’ Lead Partner hosted Enerscapes project  Kick-off meeting in Malta. A two day workshop about the Enerscapes main items  marked the begining of our adventure. Partners united to define the main project’s committees: Steering Committee, Technical Board, Financial Committee and Monitoring Committee. MIEMA also nominated the Project Manager.

Partners focused on the objectives and results to achieve during this first phase of the proposal: working plan and partners’ contribution, results and Crono-programme. Partners defined internal communication protocol, too.

MIEMA introduced all the administrative procedures to use (as documentations, procurements, services and staff and external expertise costs), and in particular referring to Malta specific procedures.

The workshop organized the activities to be done and procedures for economic reports and management of activities.